Friday, November 21, 2014

Feeb's Rascals St. Winter Market!

The Winter Market has loads of amazing items on sale!
I have many new and exclusive things out at the market for as little as L$50!

First off there's a fatpack of NEW winter coats in select colors!
Just L$200

There's also a set of NEW unisex antlers with ornaments to get you in the holiday spirit
and a NEW candy cane headband and collar set.
Touch the collar for bell sounds!
Just L$50 each!

Also some NEW sexy heeled fur trimmed boots
2 pairs, black and red for L$50!

Also available is a fatpack of furry boots
for only L$75

And finally NEW Plurabelle Jackets and Skirts in blood and blue 
Only L$50 each piece!

There's also a freebie at my booth!
So be sure to come by and see all the great deals at the Market!

<3 Myst

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