Friday, December 5, 2014

Twisted Krissmuss

If you haven't heard of Twisted Krissmuss it's a shopping tour designed by the Twisted Hunt crew to make quality, transferable, products available for the holiday season. It's designed to give us affordable great gifts to give our friends and loved ones while not breaking the bank!
All transferable gifts in this shopping tour are only L$100. Everything I have seen by the talented creators in this year's event is really worth so much more than that price. They really go above and beyond to make this time of year special for everyone not matter if they celebrate any holiday....
 or none at all. 
Be sure to visit all the stores on the tour, there is so much awesomeness to see.
Find a gift for a friend, loved one or yourself at a great deal!

Now to show you what I have out for Krissmuss!
I have 10 transferable sets/fatpacks, 3 Gachas and some free gifts for those who stop by the shop!
ALL of them are NEW
First the L$100 transferable gifts
All of them are multiple sets/fatpacks
and each color or style is packaged separately in case you want keep one for yourself and gift the rest or gift multiple people out of the same set!

Automatic Flowers Mesh Corset Dress Fatpack
6 colors included!
This product was blogged by Selina Sky too
check out her post:

3 Unisex Leather Bracers Fatpack
Unrigged mesh, can be resized!

Holiday Carousel Horse set
Horses are static but have 4 single and 1 couple animated sits!

Wool and Fur Winter Coat Fatpack
5 colors included!

Feeling Elvish Boot Set
Something festive and sexy!
For slink high feet only!

For the guys there is the King Of New Orleans Jacket fatpack 
the King Of New Orleans Pants Fatpack!

Then Plurabelle Jackets Fatpack
Plurabelle Skirts Fatpack
for a Tartan steampunkish look!

And then we have the Snowman Massacre set
it includes a bloody version and a clean version so you can decorate however you wish!

The Gachas are also transfer and fatpacks of them are also available!

Peacemaker for the guys is a system layer vest and tee combo
L$15 a play
No rares!

 Misunderstood lace system layer tops for the ladies
L$15 a play
No rares!

Candy Cane Striped Jackalopes
L$30 a play
3 rare types!

I also have a Unisex Candy Cane Top Hat, a Twisted Hunt colored ornament set and 18 transferable gift boxes out for free for everyone who comes by!

Plus there are some copy/no trans winter specials out near by too- all of them are under L$100
I hope you all can check out the sales tour and find a special gift for a friend, loved one or yourself!!!

<3 Myst

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