Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Get Wet and Go Hunting!

Bathing suits!
I've put out a mesh retro bathing suit and 2 system layer swimsuits!

First the mesh retro suit
It comes in 10 colorful aloha flower prints!
Just L$40 each!
 The Brown is in the current group gift too!

The system layer suits are fun and sexy
One is a ring detail suit and the other is a hot little number with transparent panels!
They're just L$10 each and I've sent one of each out to the group!
I'll also be sending one or two out to the subscribers too!

We have the Bleeping Bunny Hunt 2 starting August 1st!
Check it out here:
my gifts:
Starting on August 10th is the Do The Dot Hunt from Fi's Hunts
Info here:
My gifts:

I hope you all have a chance to come hunt!
And don't forget to check out the cheap yard sale out front of the main store!

Happy SLing!
<3 Myst

Monday, July 28, 2014

Seeing Stars and Seeing Through!

Some new mesh dresses!

First off there's Starstruck a cute strapless number in starry patterns!
Included are matching heels in SL Avatar AND Slink Mid Add-On Versions!
Available in 7 colors for L$100 
Remember members of the group get them half off at the main store
AND The red version is in the current Group Gift!

Secondly we have a sexy little transparent slip dress in sequined fabric
This one comes with pasties and panties for a more modest look, 
or you can be daring and wear it alone!
Comes in  8 see through colors :)
Just L$50 each
Note: this doesn't come with an alpha so definitely try the demo
you may have to adjust certain body sliders or try a larger size!

Also there's a huge yard sale going on @Mishmash Fusion! 
Loads of inexpensive things we can't or don't use anymore!

New things coming soon:
System layer swimsuits
more mesh
and 2 hunts in August with male and female gifts!

<3 Myst

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lovin' Summer Clothes!

Summer summer summer!
It's hot and time for vacations!
I have a few releases that I've put out over the past few weeks before my First Life Vacation
First a super sexy halter mini dress
Available in Cheetah Prints and Shimmery Satin!
6 shades in each fabric
just L$75 each

Also a new mesh denim cut off short
In 6 abstract patterns, 6 summer pastel colors and classic blue and black
Just L$50 each!

And one last release,
a Crochet Summer Dress with matching Slink Add On Sandals!
Available in 5 colors the set is only L$100!

As always the group members get 50% off at Mishmash Fusion Main Store
also everything is available at:

Coming soon: more new clothing and 2 hunts in August!

Happy SLing!
<3 Myst

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hot Summer

This summer has been a busy one for me in my first life, but I still have so much I want to do in Second Life!

A new release this week and a new hunt starting Sunday!!!!
First we'll talk about the hunt
The Fruit Salad Hunt starts the 6th of July!
Check out the AWESOME gifts

My contribution: 
Sorry I don't have anything for the guys this round :(
I ran out of time.
Next time I promise!

So new things!
A sexy new outfit and matching heels!
The Summer Outfit consists of a bikini and cover tank with jean shorts!
The tops are together in one piece and the bottoms are together in another
It comes in 7 color combinations for L$100
Of course at the Main Store Members of the group get 50% OFF!

I've also released some sexy strappy heels that come in color patterns that match the Summer Outfits!
They're just L$50 each

And for those in the Mishmash Fusion Group I have put a set in the Group gift at both locations!
The Summer Outfit and Heels in Red!

Come grab them at the Mishmash Fusion Main Store

Happy SLing!
<3 Myst