Thursday, September 18, 2014

Autumn Approaches

It's getting on towards Autumn and I've been working on NEW stuff for the new season!
I haven't put out anything new just yet..
I'm busy designing and getting them ready for after September to fill in the blanks for end of season clearance and retires!

Everything in the store is still 50% off! Including the Home shop too.

Plus The Twisted Hunt continues to the end of the month, I'm putting out exclusives on MM boards and Steals and Deals for Twisted.
The Travel With Gypsies Hunt is on until the 30th too!
I had a lot of fun designing for this hunt and ended up with loads for guys and gals.

The gift for ladies also includes a couple other surprises not pictured :)

Come by and explore the TARDIS maze and see some of the gifts from both September hunts!

<3 Myst 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Twisted September

Twisted Hunt is underway and now I'm working on Autumn stuffs!
The store is currently 50% off and the clearance is marked down further. Those items will be retired and other things will be moved to the clearance section!

I've learned a few things for my newest creations and I'm excited to implement my new ideas and inspirations into products!

Now on to Twisted
I love this hunt, seriously. It's always been a favorite for it's hardness and the amazing prizes.
I'm honored to be a part of it for the first time this go around!

I showed you gatchas last time so this time I want to share the main prizes I have for all the wonderful hunters!

Main Hunt Gifts:

Side Maze Hunt Gifts:

End Game Gifts:

I hope you all can do the hunt! There's so much goodness to have
Check out the blog about it:
and the main page about all the AWESOME stores in the hunt:
and the Flickr page with pictures of the prizes

See you soon with NEWNESS!!!
<3 Myst