Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Hunts and NEW System Layer Corset!

This month I have 2 hunts on and a Gatcha Fair!

First is the Golden Thanksgiving Hunt 
by Ink Hunts:
This Hunt is a L$1 hunt!
It starts today and ends the 30th!

My gift is for an Autumn Date Night
and includes a male and female gift

Then we have The Whiteout Hunt!
By ZAHM Hunts.
This is a FREE Hunt!
Starts Today and runs until December 1st!

I also have a male and female gift for this hunt
My gift is designed to keep you warm as the weather gets cold!

Be sure to come get them!

And a new release for you,
Breathless- a system layer corset
Available in 8 colors for just L$25 each
Group members get 50% off main store vendors 
and I've sent out Breathless in red in a Group Notice!
Enjoy :)

Coming up in a few days:
Info on a Gatcha Fair!!!

<3 Myst

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