Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Get Twisted!

Yay! I'm so excited to be a part of The Twisted Hunt this year!
I have SO much stuff in store... including a side hunt, lucky dips and 11 gatchas!
Plus the entire store is 50% OFF the entire month of September!

Plus the group will be getting freebies and there will be special edition things on sale too!
More about that soon.

The Hunt officially starts MONDAY September 1st!
Here's Gatcha sneak peeks
 Jackalopes with Twisted antlers!

 Shoes for the guys!

 Chairs in hunt fabric!

 Stilettos for the girls! Slink High Add-Ons Only!

 Mesh Doll Dresses in Hunt colors and PINK hehe

 Lopazelles- Lop-eared Rabbits with Twisted horns!

 Mens Striped Pants

 Twisted Vests for the guys!

 Slink MID Add-On Sandals!

 Mesh Dresses and Heels sets!
Baby Dresses in Twisted Hunt fabric!

I'll post pictures of my MAIN prizes and side things soon!
<3 Myst


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Catsuits, Lolita, Flounce and Hunts!

Hello fabulous people!
Loads of newness in the shop that put out in quick succession! 

First off, Catsuits!
One legged one shoulder, sexy catsuits!
I have them in 6 solid latex colors and 5 skull patterned fabrics!
They come with matching heels for Slink Mid. Add-On and SL Avatars for ONLY L$75 a set!
Group Members get them for L$38 and Red Latex is in a group gift :)

Then we have a Goth Lolita Outfit
It consists of a skirt and an open peek-a-boo jacket top!
You can layer the jacket with a System Layer shirt for modesty or use the included nipple tape or dare to go bare!
6 colors to choose from L$100 each (or L$50 for group members!)
Emerald is the current group giftie too!

And now on to Flounce!
I love these sleek cocktail dresses with transparent flounce skirts!
They are classy, pretty and sexy!
3 styles available:
Foil- a dress with foil overlay in gold tones- 6 colors available
Deadly Sins- Abstract patterns that represent the 7 deadly sins
Cheetah- 6 colorful cheetah prints

These dresses also come with matching heels for both Slink Mid. Add-On and SL Avatars!
Just L$100 or L$50 each!

And finally HUNTS!
5 more days for The Bleeping Bunny Hunt 
and The Do The Dot Hunt started to day and runs through the end of the month!


Happy SLing!