Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stardom Gacha Fair is on!
There's a lot of fun little Gachas to explore at this event!
I have three offers up for you
Naveed Party Dresses in Lace and Velvets!
L$40 a play!

All Laced Up Heel Collection to match the Naveed Dresses!
L$50 a Play!
 Collectable Jackalopes!
L$25 a play!

NEW stuffs too!
Lilith is a lovely tunic dress in soft Chanel or knit fabrics!
10 colors available in each fabric
L$150 each!

Two exclusive colors in the current group gifts!

Also So Quiet- a lovely argyle print dress
Black and Red Collection
8 patterns to choose from
L$100 each!

Check group notices for a freebie :D

More new stuff and info on an exciting NEW grid up next!!
<3 Myst

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