Friday, November 21, 2014

Feeb's Rascals St. Winter Market!

The Winter Market has loads of amazing items on sale!
I have many new and exclusive things out at the market for as little as L$50!

First off there's a fatpack of NEW winter coats in select colors!
Just L$200

There's also a set of NEW unisex antlers with ornaments to get you in the holiday spirit
and a NEW candy cane headband and collar set.
Touch the collar for bell sounds!
Just L$50 each!

Also some NEW sexy heeled fur trimmed boots
2 pairs, black and red for L$50!

Also available is a fatpack of furry boots
for only L$75

And finally NEW Plurabelle Jackets and Skirts in blood and blue 
Only L$50 each piece!

There's also a freebie at my booth!
So be sure to come by and see all the great deals at the Market!

<3 Myst

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Adult Grid

I recently joined another grid besides Second Life 
It's a newer one called The Adult Grid
or T.A.G.
As the name suggests, it IS 18 and over and includes adult content.
However it is not all about sex. 
I am by no means looking for any of that and I have enjoyed being there so much!
The people are hilarious and fun, the parties are always a blast,
 and it's fun just building and hanging out there!
It's new, but growing fast!
The money exchange is much cheaper than SL, so your money goes a long way!
Their viewer is based on Firestorm and is simply AWESOME!
I really think everyone should at least try it out

Of course I want you all to come check out my land and see Mishmash Fusion there.
Albion is half swamp and half beach- best of both worlds in my opinion!
Forgive the mess, it's a work in progress :)
I'm going to have land available for rent on Albion too!
I'd love for any of you to be my neighbors :) 
The rules will be simple and not at all restrictive. It can be retail or homestead- or both
Half of the SIM will be up for rent so size is negotiable.
Contact me if you are interested and I'll get you prices asap! I promise it will be reasonable.
I hope to see you all there!
And of course look me up- I'm Mystical Edenflower there too!
<3 Myst 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stardom Gacha Fair is on!
There's a lot of fun little Gachas to explore at this event!
I have three offers up for you
Naveed Party Dresses in Lace and Velvets!
L$40 a play!

All Laced Up Heel Collection to match the Naveed Dresses!
L$50 a Play!
 Collectable Jackalopes!
L$25 a play!

NEW stuffs too!
Lilith is a lovely tunic dress in soft Chanel or knit fabrics!
10 colors available in each fabric
L$150 each!

Two exclusive colors in the current group gifts!

Also So Quiet- a lovely argyle print dress
Black and Red Collection
8 patterns to choose from
L$100 each!

Check group notices for a freebie :D

More new stuff and info on an exciting NEW grid up next!!
<3 Myst

Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Hunts and NEW System Layer Corset!

This month I have 2 hunts on and a Gatcha Fair!

First is the Golden Thanksgiving Hunt 
by Ink Hunts:
This Hunt is a L$1 hunt!
It starts today and ends the 30th!

My gift is for an Autumn Date Night
and includes a male and female gift

Then we have The Whiteout Hunt!
By ZAHM Hunts.
This is a FREE Hunt!
Starts Today and runs until December 1st!

I also have a male and female gift for this hunt
My gift is designed to keep you warm as the weather gets cold!

Be sure to come get them!

And a new release for you,
Breathless- a system layer corset
Available in 8 colors for just L$25 each
Group members get 50% off main store vendors 
and I've sent out Breathless in red in a Group Notice!
Enjoy :)

Coming up in a few days:
Info on a Gatcha Fair!!!

<3 Myst