Thursday, October 30, 2014


New releases!!!

First let me introduce you to Angels/Losing/Sleep The Dress:
It's a super sexy and slinky mesh cocktail dress.
It comes in 6 sparkly sequined colors for just L$150
You may recognize it from the 007 James Bond hunt :)

Now meet Angels/Losing/Sleep The Stiletto!
Super high and SUPER sexy!
This version matches the above dresses perfectly!
L$200 each pair!
These only work with Slink AvEnhance Feet Female High
Find them HERE

The newest group gift is BOTH the dress AND the stilettos in purple!
Go get!

November Hunts and a Gatcha Fair!!

<3 Myst

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This Time Of Year...

"So go on, with yourself.
If there's a feeling that there's something else.
Seems like it's always understood,
this time of year."

This Time Of Year is a Gothy/Piratey Corset dress in 6 Autumn colors!

L$200 Each (Group members get half off at the main store!)
And "Autumn" is in the group gift :D

<3 Myst

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bonde, Jayms Bonde

This month sees a 007 hunt at Mishmash Fusion with a twist!

Jayms Bonde is a female secret service agent on the trail of Ms. Yes, the diabolical master mind with world domination on her mind. Unfortunately the dashing Blackjack, Ms. Yes' most capable henchman is dogging Jayms every step of the way! Romance may be the ultimate distraction over martinis and card games......

It's the 007 James Bond Hunt from Fi'sCreations Hunts!
It runs through the end of October!
Check out all the awesome gifts

For the Guys I have the BlackJack Formal Tux for wooing the lovely Jayms
Fot the Gals I have Jayms' Cocktail dress, pearl necklace, heels (Slink High add Ons only!) and of course her 007 pistols! 

I hope you all come by and collect these hunt gifts!

<3 Myst