Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I have a few new releases to talk about!
 But first there is a hunt going on until the 27th! It's the Grab The Eggs Before They Poof Hunt
put on by Fi's Hunts. They always put on great Hunts but this one takes the cake! In every store you will find At least 5 but up to 10 eggs of gifts.... but be careful the eggs disappear randomly and you'll have to wait until it poofs back if you miss it!

I have 10 eggs to find, 7 have Ladies' gifts and 3 have Mens'! 

Come on down and hunt them!

Okay, now new stuff!
I have a sexy mesh beaded jeweled bikini
Available in 8 colors just L$50 each!

 Also a new system layer toggle corset 
Available in 6 colors just L$10 each! Bundle is only L$40

And my favorite super sexy cutout dresses in modern circle patterns!
12 colors available L$75 each!

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