Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Myst's Favorites Super Sale

If you know me, I love deals. I keep my prices low anyway, but I'm always looking for a way to kick something back to people who come to my shop (especially group members!) 
So, Since I have a couple big hunts going on this month,
 I decided to start a "Myst's Favorites Super Sale"
Until the 16th April all my most favorite creations at the main store will be HALF OFF to the public and 75% off to my group members!!!
This includes my NEW RELEASES!
This is some serious L$ savingness!
For instance, I just put out these system layer knotted tees that would regularly be L$10 but now are L$5 for everyone and ONLY L$3 for my group members! 
Or, take the Gothy Corset Dresses I released yesterday, L$75 each regular and L$300 for the Bundles. Until the 16th they are JUST L$38 for everyone OR L$19 for the group!
PLUS Bundles are now ONLY L$150 or L$75! So, the group can actually get a set of 6 dresses for the price of ONE during this sale!
I'm pretty excited about it... I hope you all can take part in it! I love super sales!

Here's a picture of me in one of the new knotted shirts, I love them, even if most people are shying away from system layer clothing! 
They come in 9 springy colors!

I hope you like them too!
Come on by and check out the Super Sale, The Evil Bunny Hunt that's going on now and get info on The Grab The Eggs Before They Poof Hunt (starts Sunday!)  More info on that hunt is another post.

<3 Myst

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