Saturday, January 10, 2015

Happy NEW STUFF Year!

I hope everyone has been well!

I am going to have shortened time in SL this year, at least for a while, but I'll still be pushing out new things and doing events as much as I can :)

So To start it off let's see some new boots!
Desperately Wanting Boots!
These are quite similar to the Feeling Elvish Boots, but with a different toe

They come in Solid colors and a range of Dark Floral prints..
Many of the Florals pair up well with the Ether Bell Sleeve Sweaters or the Heavy Winter Coats!
The Solids go well with just about anything!
L$100 each (Members of the group get 50% off at the main store)


Also, The Hunts for January are:
Let's Celebrate- January 1st - January 31st

And starting on the 15th - the 31st
The Black Or White Hunt
2 gifts for this hunt!

More soon!

<3 Myst

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