Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Get Your Cyber, Hunts and Sexy on!

Hello lovelies!
Lots of new :)
There are so many fabulous hunt gifts in this hunt, you seriously need to check it out!
I have prizes for men and women:

Now for NEWNESS!
I created my first Cyber Outfit and shoes to match!
Available in 6 colors, the outfits run L$100 and the matching shoes are L$40
"Data" A dark blue set are in the current group gifts (outfit AND shoes)

Also available for L$50 is a Cybernetic Leg Implant!

Now for sexiness!
A new tank dress in soft sexy satin lace floral fabric.
L$100 Each and available in 11 different colors!
 Sky Blue has been sent out in a notice for my group!

Remember, members of the group get HALF OFF everything at the main store plus feeebies of everything I make, either in group gifts OR through notices. I have now made joining the group L$50 because I give so much to my group, and people who join get many benifits that I think this is reasonable! You may give me feedback on this decision :)

 Have a great week!
<3 Myst

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